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Top concerns of Wired Wisconsin throughout the state.

21st Century E-learning

The reliance on the internet to educate our children in the classroom and ourselves at home or in the office will continue to increase as accessibility grows to meet demand. We are home to one of the world’s most recognized research institutions, the University of Wisconsin, their slogan, Forward. Thinking. encapsulates Wired Wisconsin’s goal of expanding 21st century e-learning for today and tomorrow.

Access to Wireless Technologies

The advent of the internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives – from how we are now able to get instantaneous information, to connecting with people around the world. Wired Wisconsin believes that the capabilities of the internet are far from being fully utilized; thus, a competitive environment which fosters further technology development is in everyone’s best interest. Continued innovation will result in better products and services from which each consumer and business will have their choice.

Broadband Deployment

Many areas of the state still do not have access to broadband internet. This impedes the free flow of information, hindering economic growth, effective use of resources and connections between those citizens and businesses within the underconnected regions, and those in the rest of the state. Wired Wisconsin will work to promote policies that encourage competition between broadband providers to offer more service opportunities statewide.

Consumer Privacy

With greater technology growth, comes greater responsibility for technology developers and providers to ensure that Consumer Privacy becomes and remains a priority. Technology growth is dependent on the consumer’s trust that their private information is protected.

Future Thinking Technology Policies

Wired Wisconsin recognizes that technology policy and regulation of the past cannot keep up with the fast-paced growth associated with any technology’s development. The adoption of policies that evolve with technological innovation is crucial to Wisconsin being recognized as a state that welcomes and fosters technological advancement.

Green Technology

It is no longer a surprise that our environment is in trouble. By supporting the development and promotion of green technologies such as wind energy and biofuels and encouraging responsible behavior such as electronic waste recycling, Wired Wisconsin will strive to set an environmentally conscious and friendly example for technology consumers, businesses, and policy makers.

High-tech Job Creation and Industry Development

Even with the recent national economic downturn, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development predicted that by 2016, technology-related jobs will show an increase of 246,000 positions. Wired Wisconsin would like to not only continue to add to this positive job growth but to help create more jobs in both technology fields and industries.

Tele-Medicine and E-Records advancement

With the cost of health care rising year after year, expediting access to medical records and ensuring accuracy and reliability in health care delivery is crucial when lives are on the line. In addition, many patients are now using the Web as their first go-to source for information on their symptoms and conditions, potentially eliminating unnecessary office visits and costs. Doctors and health insurance companies are also beginning to recognize the usefulness of the internet by providing patients with online consultations as part of their regular services. Medical innovation can save lives and money, but only if those technology advances are available to those who need it.