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AT&T announces significant investment in broadband infrastructure

November 09 2012

This week, AT&T announced plans to invest $14 million during the next three years to improve its 4G service throughout the nation.

The plan, dubbed Project Velocity IP, is targeted at the expansion of 4G LTE wireless service to 300 million people by 2014, an expansion that targets 50 million more people than the firm’s existing 2013 goal.

The investment will also include expansion of AT&T’s high-speed U-Verse TV, increasing access speeds to 75 Mbps, approximately three times faster than what AT&T currently offers.  Project Velocity IP will also expand AT&T’s VOIP services.

In AT&T’s 22-state wireline service area, the company expects its 4G LTE network will cover 99 percent of all of its customer locations.