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Be gracious with your gadgets

It’s easier to be unintentionally rude when you aren’t communicating face to face. Although technology has made communication easier, respect and etiquette don’t always translate.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that most Americans agree that mobile etiquette is getting worse – but many violators simply don’t care.

“A recent Intel survey found that 9 of 10 Americans report they’ve seen others misuse technology; 75 percent agree that mobile etiquette is worse than it was a year ago.

The Intel study found that we’re often aware of our own poor behavior. Almost 1 in 5 respondents report they know they’re being rude, but do it because everyone else does.”

Technology etiquette is important to social relationships and the work environment.

Read tips on how to be gracious with your gadgets in a professional setting: Remember technology etiquette in the office

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