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Regular thoughts and updates on Issues important to our members and constituents.

Obama to hold first ever Twitter town hall meeting

President Obama became one of Twitter‘s newest members last month when he sent his first tweet on Father’s Day. Soon Twitter users can have exclusive access to President Obama when he holds the first presidential Twitter town hall meeting Wednesday. Twitter users will be able to ask President Obama questions relating to the economy and [...]

2012 Olympic athletes encouraged to use social media

Fans of the Olympic Games will be able to keep up with their favorite athletes during the London games next summer. The Olympic Committee has recently announced athletes will be free to actively tweet and use social media to record their experiences at the 2012 Summer Olympics. While athletes may be excited to document their [...]

Grandparents becoming active users of social networking sites

A recent study examining the use of social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among grandparents found 22 percent to be active users. Over half of these active users reported that they log in their accounts at least once a week while another 35 percent log in more than once a month. The study [...]

Brewers and Waste Management team up for eCycling event

The Milwaukee Brewers are launching their “Brewing a Greener Game” week at Miller Park to an effort to promote energy efficiency and recycling. Before Tuesday’s game, fans can participate in an eCycling event cosponsored by Waste Management where they can drop up to five house hold items or unwanted computer and electronic equipment without cost. [...]

Pandora makes stellar IPO

The popular Internet radio site Pandora made its highly anticipated IPO well above the estimated price range this week and perhaps put confidence in other Internet companies looking to go public. Pandora made its IPO at $16 a share this week, more than double the original projected price of $7 per share. With over 90 [...]

Illinois-based Internet company finds greener pastures in Wisconsin

Online shopping company FatWallet has found a bargain in moving to Beloit. The company that finds deals for online shoppers recently relocated to Beloit from Rockton, Illinois. The cause of the move stems from newly passed legislation in Illinois that would require its visitors to pay sales tax on Internet purchases. Worried that contracting companies [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-13

Facebook’s facial recognition: How to check your settings – http://ow.ly/5dnRI # Digital Textbooks Slow to Catch On – http://ow.ly/5dnPA # Habush lawyers lose search term privacy case, plan appeal – http://ow.ly/5dnNl # How Mobile Phones Are Saving Lives in the Developing World – http://ow.ly/5dnMv #

Facebook unveils facial recognition photo-tagging

Facebook users may no longer need to tag individual photos they upload to the social networking site. The newest feature to be tested by Facebook uses facial recognition to suggest photo tags. The facial recognition feature was announced in December and is available to most Facebook users around the world. While proponents view the feature [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-06

Blog Post: Internet use growing at mind-boggling rate – http://ow.ly/59EMd # A new Pew study finds 13 percent of adults on Twitter – http://ow.ly/581QW # According to a study, 38% of college students can't go 10 minutes without tech. Do you agree? http://ow.ly/581Pt # Dazzling the jury: Use of technology at trial – http://ow.ly/581KV # [...]

Internet use growing at mind-boggling rate

Cisco’s annual Visual Networking Index has projected the increase use of Internet between 2014 and 2015 will be equivalent to all Internet traffic in 2010. The volume of Internet use will be so large by 2015, it will be comparable to downloading every movie ever made every five minutes. Internet use by mobile devices continues [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-30

How Will States Tax Internet Downloads? Congress May Decide – http://ow.ly/52Syp # Business groups hail Telecom Modernization Act – http://ow.ly/52SwF # Do you agree with Mark Zuckerberg that children under 13 should be allowed on Facebook? http://ow.ly/52Svq # Join us in thanking Governor Walker and your legislators for support of Wisconsin #Telecom Modernization Act – [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-16

6 Companies Aiming to Digitize the Textbook Industry – http://ow.ly/4T9Fd # Online exposure: Social networks, mobile phones, and scams can threaten your security – http://ow.ly/4T9DY # Legislature passes telecom bill – http://ow.ly/4T9BH # ‘Cloud computing’: an old idea with a promising future, thanks to the Internet – http://ow.ly/4T9Au # Wired Wisconsin: State Legislature Passes Wisconsin [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-09

Wisconsin considering #telecom reform this week in Assembly, Senate committees – http://ow.ly/4Lswf #

Hearing on Telecom Reform

This week, committees of the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate will hold hearings on telecom reform in Wisconsin. Hance Haney, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, published this blog post recently negating some of the myths and false assumptions of the bills that are before the committees. Haney wrote a report last year that showed [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-02

New push on for telecom deregulation – http://ow.ly/4Iura # Wired Wisconsin and Wisconsin Technology Council: Modernized Telecom Rules Introduced in State Legislature – http://ow.ly/4J7BP # Cellphones make gains on landlines – http://ow.ly/4Iuqp #

Recycling electronics in Wisconsin takes off

Wisconsin’s new electronics recycling program has been hugely successful. Twenty-four million pounds of electronics including TVs, computers and cell phones have been recycled since Wisconsin began its new program banning electronics from landfills or incineration. The program created 350 collection sites supported by manufacturers. Some counties are receiving more electronics than they can handle! It’s [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-25

More Wisconsin residents are ditching their landlines in favor of a cellphone. Have you? http://bit.ly/gc8hUN # What’s next for privacy on the Hill? – http://ow.ly/4Eudh # E-waste recycling is working well – http://ow.ly/4EubN #

Wisconsin’s going wireless

The number of wireless-only households has increased 10 percent in two years, according to a federal report. The report says that about 25 percent of Wisconsin adults live in a wireless-only household. This is up from 15 percent two years ago. This study was done by the National Center for Health Statistics. The report covers [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-18

Wired Wisconsin: E-Recycling Law Sees Great Success in First Year – http://ow.ly/4AjTT # Do you agree with this study that says the US is lagging in technology use? # Kerry, McCain offer bill to protect Web users’ privacy rights – http://ow.ly/4zGtm # Update Wisconsin’s telecom law – http://ow.ly/4zGsy #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-11

A Local Community is Boosting its Broadband – http://ow.ly/4uBG2 # Remember technology etiquette in the office – http://ow.ly/4uBI0 # After Breach, Companies Warn of E-Mail Fraud – http://ow.ly/4uBEu # UW-Whitewater Introduces Electronics Recycling Program – http://ow.ly/4uBC8 #greentechnology # State tech companies more upbeat about economy – http://ow.ly/4uBAV #