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Wired Wisconsin annouces addition of RyTech, LLC as a new partner organization

September 25 2012

Wired Wisconsin announces addition of  RyTech, LLC as a new partner organization

MILWAUKEE — Wired Wisconsin today announced that a new partner has joined its coalition – RyTech, LLC.

“Technology is now such a part of our business and personal lives,” says Thad Nation, executive director of Wired Wisconsin. “We are pleased to welcome RyTech, LLC, a Midwestern consulting firm that works with both businesses and individuals to meet their technology needs.”

RyTech, LLC offers in-home personal consultation, onsite business development and K-12 education expertise. The firm is primarily engaged in social media campaigns, search engine optimization and website development for its clients.

“Education is an important part of engaging people with technology, and Wired Wisconsin focuses on educating businesses and consumers about technology and innovation in Wisconsin,” says Steve Ryan, president of RyTech, LLC. “We are excited to be a partner organization in this important coalition.”

“RyTech, LLC is a growing Midwestern business that implements the best technology available for its clients,” says Thad Nation, executive director of Wired Wisconsin. “This is exactly the type of business we encourage to join the Wired Wisconsin coalition.”

Wired Wisconsin and its partners work to educate consumers, policy makers and businesses about technology-related legislative and regulatory issues that impact our lives, and advocate for common-sense approaches to spur innovation, grow the economy and promote investments in our technological infrastructure.

A full list of Wired Wisconsin partners can be found online at:


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