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Wired Wisconsin announces addition of Tech Madison as new partner organization

September 19 2012

Wired Wisconsin announces addition of Tech Madison as new partner organization

MILWAUKEE — Wired Wisconsin today announced that a new partner has joined its coalition – Tech Madison.

“As the nation transitions to the next-generation communication infrastructure, Wisconsin’s information technology industry will be making the connections to link people and businesses together,,” says Thad Nation, executive director of Wired Wisconsin. “We are excited to have Tech Madison, a leading IT support firm in Madison, join Wired Wisconsin.”

Tech Madison provides a number of IT services for businesses, including onsite and remote tech support, voice over IP, infrastructure design and online backup services. In addition, Tech Madison has helped to sponsor large e-cycling events in the Madison area that help consumers dispose of old electronic equipment. They also collect used cell phones and ink cartridges year round for recycling.

“We are excited to join Wired Wisconsin,” says Tech Madison owner Joshua Meyers. “Our business and consumers depend on the state’s IT infrastructure. It is important for us to be part of a growing coalition like Wired Wisconsin, where we can ensure we grow and advance technology issues in our state.”

“Tech Madison joins a growing coalition that supports an environment for innovative technology, high-tech job creation and economic growth – our communications future,” says Nation.
Wired Wisconsin and its partners work to educate consumers, policy makers and businesses about technology-related legislative and regulatory issues that impact our lives, and advocate for common-sense approaches to spur innovation, grow the economy and promote investments in our technological infrastructure.

A full list of Wired Wisconsin partners can be found online at:


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