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Mobile applications transforming medicine

January 17 2012

From applications that can give us directions, help us cook and slingshot angry birds, the sky is the limit when it comes to their potential. Some new amazing applications are coming out right now aimed at the medical field that could make a huge difference in patient care.  Check out a few applications below and the way they can revolutionize medicine:

1. Mobile MIM. This FDA approved application for iPad allows doctors to view radiology imaging from almost anywhere. Mobile MIM allows physicians to highlight and zoom in on images for better viewing. The application also stores images on cloud servers, meaning doctors can access the images even without a light box nearby.

Scan on Mobile MIM

2. Drchrono. With this application, deciphering a doctor’s handwriting will no longer be an issue. Drchrono manages patient files, charts notes and writes prescriptions right on an iPad.

3. Skeletal System Pro II. Tablets are becoming essential in the life of medical students. Applications like Skeletal System Pro II are aiding in the education of future medical professionals.

Skeleton System Pro II

To read more on how mobile devices are changing the face of medicine, click here.

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